aka Rhodonite

Friendship, lessons of the heart, altruism.

Made of Manganese Metasilicate Mineral (the black is Manganese Oxide)
Mohs hardness 5.5 to 6.5
Source Australia, USA, Madagascar, South Africa, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil and Cornwall. It was also once mined in Russia.
Colours Pink/Salmon, with varying sizes of black patches, veins and inclusions. Less frequent are tones of red, red-brown, green and yellow.

Element Fire and Earth
Star sign Aries and Taurus
Chakras Heart and Root Chakra

Cleansing Methods
White light, sound bath, full moon, water
Crystal Elixir Guidelines
Use direct method. Ideal to get over a breakup.
Crystal Grid Themes
Create a grid when you want to send a friend some loving kindness from a distance.
Meaning of Name
From the Greek word ‘Rose-Red’.
Crystal Myths
Rhodonite is used in Feng Shui to check if a room in a house has a balanced yin and yang energy (male and female energy).

To check your home is balanced, simply walk around your house with a Rhodonite wand in your writing hand. If you feel the energy in your fingers then the room is too ‘yang’, and you’re feeling the over-energy of the black in the crystal. If the wand feels lifeless, then you are feeling the pink ‘yin’ in the crystal. If the wand feels neutral/tranquil, then the room is balanced.


The pink and black of Rhodonite and the way it’s formed are a real indicator of its properties.

The colour pink is attached to the heart chakra. That means this crystal is particularly good at supporting us through matters related to romantic love.

Black is related to the root chakra. This correlates to our desire to feel safe and protected. Root Chakra crystals also ground us and help us see things in a practical way.

If we combine both these aspects, we have a crystal that supports romantic love but in a very dogmatic way. That means Rhodonite is particularly good at helping us through breakups so we can see a relationship for what it is. It literally helps us take off any ‘rose tinted glasses’.

Rhodonite naturally forms with smooth, rounded edges. If you see circles or spheres in nature they relate to female energy. When working with Rhondite that energy will come through and feel like a good friend who is there for you to help you through any troubled times.

Physical Properties
With its connection to the heart chakra, Rhodonite supports the physical health of that area of the body, so think heart, lungs, shoulders etc.

It is also connected to the root chakra, which is the chakra related to safety and support and therefore it also aids our bones and issues like arthritis.

Along with these two, Rhodonite is very good at supporting and helping overcome skin conditions. This could be anything from insect bites, stings and allergies, to much longer running issues such as eczema or birthmarks.

My favourite physical support offered by Rhodonite is that it supports the flow of chi through our body’s energy meridians.

Emotional Properties

The two main ways Rhodonite supports mental health are related to our romantic relationships and the balance of our mental health.

Rhodonite is the perfect friend when your love life isn’t going well. It’s the friend you meet in the pub to tell our worries to, while you enjoy a glass or two.

Imagine that friend, that is the energy of Rhodonite. And as any good friend should do, it will also point out the flaws in that relationship you’re trying desperately to hold onto, and offer a tissue when you finally realize you can do better and you let go of that toxic relationship.

Side Note: It’s important now to remind you that the toxic relationship we are talking about could be with yourself. If you’re harsh on yourself, and that internal dialogue is always putting yourself down then Rhodonite is there to remind you just how loveable you are.

The second emotional support this beautiful crystal can offer is to help balance out your emotions. In more extreme circumstances, that means it is a good buddy crystal for anyone diagnosed with Schizophrenia or Bipolar.

On a more general basis, it supports us through life’s ups and downs and relieves stress.

How to use Rhodonite for emotional support:
Wear a Rhodonite necklace after a breakup as an emotional support.

Soul Properties

Rhodonite is the perfect crystal to use to activate the heart chakra.

It is also believed that the more gemmy, brazian Rhodonite can help activate the Pineal Gland. This is important for anyone wanting to perfect their intuitive skills.

Rhodonite wants to also help us feel balanced. However it knows we must go through the difficult times in order to truly understand the blessings in our life. One of Rhodonite’s spiritual lessons is giving us the feeling we are supported through harder life events.

Finally, Rhodonite knows if we are fulfilling our life’s purpose which translates into more love felt throughout the world. That means you can give Rhodonite the intention of helping you find your perfect ‘life’s-calling’. Try teaming it with Garnet as that crystal is brilliant at manifesting our dreams into the physical world.

How to use Rhodonite for Spiritual Support:
To activate the heart chakra place Rhodonite over the heart for a few minutes each day. To activate the Pineal Gland, place a specimen over your third eye.

Extra Crystal Facts

Place a piece in front of the family computer to protect users from online harm.

A Rhodonite crystal at work will support those who feel they are getting put-down and are losing their confidence.

Keep a specimen where the family relaxes at home to calm children, teenagers or adults who are quick to lose their temper, swear or argue a lot.