1:1 Akashic Records Zoom Readings

“I’ve been a channel since childhood but Akashic Records is the most powerful technique I have experienced. The information my clients receive is breathtaking. You can see the joy, realisations and inspiration in their eyes.”

Gemma Petherbridge

If you are looking for guidance, Akashic Records Readings are profound. Offering inspiration and practical insights, allowing you to dig deeper so you can understand how you can carry out the guidance.

What are the Akashic Records:

This is the record of every life you have experienced, every choice you have made, karmic lessons, regrets and setbacks along the way as well as successes, realisations and wisdoms.

Your Akashic Records Keepers have been with you since the moment your Soul was created. They look after your records – In essence they are your first spirit guide who knows your soul on a profoundly deep level. 

It is your Akashic Records Keeper we communicate with at a reading. As they know you so well, they can offer profound guidance that will accelerate your growth, guide you through any changes you want to make, offer deep healing and allow you to feel at peace.


What is special about Gemma’s Readings:

Gemma has been psychic all her life. In addition she has done thousands of hours of study into Spirituality and self development, has authored three books, is qualified in multiple modalities and has been in the industry for over 18 years. Combined this means she has the understanding and experience needed to help your guides communicate known, as well as more abstract concepts. They can also offer her long form information she can then pass onto you.

Often guides will ask her to use her other modality to offer you healing or energetic support  if you would like it. Therefore readings can be multidimensional, supporting you in many different ways.

With over 38 years of psychic and intuitive development Gemma has developed all of her Clairs. These are different ways guides can communicate with us. With all of her Clairs available to her that means your guides can work with her to offer multi-fastite messages. The outcome is more detailed, personalised messages.

Often your angelic team, ancestors, animals guides and other spirit guides will also come through and communicate to you as well. When they do this it’s to support your Akashic Records Reader and introduce you to them so you know you can seek their guidance in the future.

“We all get curious about our past and soul’s journey at some point in our lives, but we rarely receive answers to some of our most burning questions. Having my Akashic Records read by Gemma was a deeply transformative experience. Sharing such a vulnerable part of yourself can be scary, but Gemma’s gentle, wholesome and professional approach made me feel safe, held and understood. Through her reading, she illuminated parts of me I didn’t even know existed, which realigned me with my soul’s purpose.

If you’re on the fence whether you should book a session or not, I’d strongly recommend you do it. It’s by far been one of the most healing investments in myself and I’ve now made sure that all my loved ones are having a reading, too. I’m excited for my next session!”


I was lucky enough to have an Akashic Records reading with Gemma, and I was genuinely blown away with the information that came through! Gemma was able to translate the messages she received so that I could understand them, and encouraged asking questions to make sure I was happy that I understood everything. Being able to have that dialogue was great, and Gemma created a relaxed and calm environment that facilitated that. I’m already planning the next!


What happens in a session

Once you have booked your reading your Zoom link will be included within your booking confirmation. This confirmation will also have links to let you cancel or reschedule your reading.

On the day please log in on time. Gemma is regularly fully booked so cannot run over.

She will greet you, then if it is your first reading she will explain the process and make sure you are happy and all your answers are answered before the reading begins. 

Throughout the reading Gemma will have her eyes closed but other than that she can talk to you and you can ask additional questions throughout. 

“People are surprised by how enjoyable these readings are. Yes they can be profoundly moving but the process is always joyful and very inspiring.”

Gemma Petherbridge


Frequently Asked Questions

This is my first reading, what should I know?

Please book a 60 to 90 minute slot for your first reading. This gives Gemma time to explain the process to you and answer your questions. The information she will share will help you get more from the reading.

After your first session, you’re welcome to book 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions.

How many questions can I ask?

To make the most out of a reading please try and come along with some prepared questions. Below are the suggested amount of questions we can easily do within each time slot. On the day you will also have time to ask questions when they arise:

90 minutes: 8 to 12 big questions

60 minutes: 4 to 8 big questions

30minutes: 1 to 4 questions

Will there be a recording or can I make notes?

If you would like the Zoom recording please ask Gemma at the start of the reading. Alternatively, you are welcome to record it yourself or make notes.

What else do I need to know?

Please consider attending alone so you can speak freely. 

You might like to have water or herbal tea to drink and consider creating a nice relaxing space for yourself so you can really enjoy the experience.

Please refrain from taking recreational drugs or alcohol for at least 24 hours before the reading as it can hinder the reading.

We suggest allowing yourself some free time once we have finished so you can contemplate on the guidance you received. If a healing was offered, that also allows for some rest time.

Do you offer in-person Readings?

Yes – I offer regular monthly 1:1 readings at Fire and Alchemy in Shoreditch, London. Please email me or them for more information on that.

Visit Fire + Alchemy

Email: info@fireandalchemy.com

I have some questions

Please email me at hello@gemmapetherbridge.com or DM me at @gemmapetherbridge so I can answer your questions.