About Week Seven

Final Week - Week 7: Future Focused:

Time and date of Live Class: Tues 28th Nov: 7-9.30pm: 2.5hrs

As humanity evolves from 3D to 4D to 5D beings, we journey to where your soul will travel next. This week we explore what the different dimensions are and how we can access them. You will be guided into two visualisations. The first will explore your soul's future plans, allowing you to see that information immediately.

Gemma will then introduce you to the concepts of the Central Sun and the Violet Flame so you can help your body move into 5D.

November 27, 2023

Final Week - Week 7: Future Focused

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Weekly Q&A Sessions: Once the live class ends, each week Gemma will stay back for 30 minutes to offer guidance and answer any questions.

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Each week within 48 hours of our Live Class the video replay will be available to watch here.

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