About Week One

Week One: Your Soul Journey Begins

Live Class Date and Time: Thurs 19th Oct - 7-9.30pm: 2.5 hours
This weeks crystal: Clear Quartz Merkaba
What else you need: Cacao drink - see recipe (options), Cleanings Kit, Pen and Paper
Zoom Link: Click on the button at the bottom of this page.

This week Gemma will welcome you all, answer everyone’s questions and share any information about the course that you will need. She will also give a brief introduction on crystals and why they are a perfect tool for deep Spiritual Development work like this.

You will be shown how to work with your Clear Quartz Merkaba and learn why this shape is so important. From there you will guided into our opening circle. With the help of your Cacao, we will expand the heart's energy and use your Merkaba to go on an Akashic Records Journey back to the moment that your soul was created. - your true beginning.

Experience your soul's divine essence, then receive an initiation and light language blessing.

The class will finish with the group receiving intuitive guidance on what your soul wants you to learn from this course and what you need to know for the next six weeks.

Weekly Q&A Sessions: Once the class ends, each week Gemma will stay back to offer guidance and answer any questions.

October 14, 2023

Weekly Q&A Sessions: Once the live class ends, each week Gemma will stay back for 30 minutes to offer guidance and answer any questions.

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Each week within 48 hours of our Live Class the video replay will be available to watch here.

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