mangano calcite

aka Pink Calcite, Opaque Calcite

Heart Activation – Gratitude – Empathy

Made of CaCO3, Calcium Carbonate
Mohs hardness 2.5 to 3
Source Mainly Peru – Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, UK, Ireland, Russia, USA
Colours Milky, waxy Pink, with bands of pink and white

Element Fire
Star sign Cancer
Chakras Heart
Numerology 4 and 55

Cleansing Methods
White light, sound bath , rice and smudge sticks
Crystal Elixir Guidelines
Indirect method – feeling physical and emotional trauma
Crystal Grid Themes
Gratitude Practice & Heart Expansion


Mangano Calcite is the crystal to use if you want to connect with the electromagnetic energy of the heart (also known as the heart’s Electromagnetic Field).

This is your perfect crystal if you are looking to expand your heart’s energy and open your heart chakra. The soft energy of Mangano Calcite activates that energy, allowing us to fully practice the act of Gratitude. It also helps you see life in a different way so you can fall back in love with being alive.

Pink Calcite works to develop our empathy so we can understand other points of view; reducing conflict and anger towards others and aimed at us.

Physical Properties

Ways Mangano Calcite can aid our physical health

With its strong connection to the heart chakra, this crystal also supports the optimum health of our physical hearts.

This is a good crystal to have by the bedside of anyone who has gone through a physical trauma, including surgery, as it is believed to support tissue regeneration.

As with many Calcite crystals, it also helps integrate minerals from our food and supplements into our body, especially calcium.

Emotional Properties

Ways Mangano Calcite can aid our mental health
Mangano Calcite can be used to support those also going through an emotional trauma. It is particularly good at supporting grief and can gently release any hidden anger and other negative emotions stored in the emotional heart.

How to use Mangano Calcite for emotional support:
Place a specimen in a child’s bedroom or playroom to make their space feel more supportive, calming and welcoming.

Heal ‘parent child’ conflict by placing a piece under each of their pillows at night.

Soul Properties

Ways Mangano Calcite can aid our spiritual health
When we connect to the electromagic energies of our heart, this crystal also starts to heal our aura.

Mangano Calcite is the perfect crystal to support anyone giving distance healings (like Reiki), because it opens our empathic skills, allowing us to connect on an energetic level to others, even when they are far away from us.

Finally, this is a good buddy stone to anyone who feels they are an empath and wants to develop that skill further.

Extra Crystal Facts

When meditating, hold a piece of Pink Calcite in your right hand to send feelings of ‘loving kindness and gratitude’ out into the world. Hold it in the left hand if you want to receive those feelings yourself.
Gemma’s channelled message
“Taking a moment to connect to the heart opens up a world of happiness.”