(also called Black Moonstone, Labrador Moonstone, Labrador Fieldspar, Spectrolite (a specimen that sparkles every colour), Larvikite (silver-grey from Scandinavia).
Living a magical life, Psychic Development, Mental Clarity

Made of Masses of Plagioclase feldspar with albite.
Formations Cubic, granular masses, natural pyramids and druses attached to other mineral specimens.
Mohs hardness  6-6.5
Source Canada, Madagascar, Norway, Mexico, Russia and the USA.
Colours Colourless, grey-green, pale green, blue and glows white. Flashes of blue, red and green are due to light interference within the structure of the mineral composition. The different colours are called ‘labradorescence’.

Element Wind
Star sign Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius
Chakras All chakras

Cleansing Methods
Sound, white light, earth, full moon
Crystal Elixir Guidelines
Indirect method only, contains aluminium.
Crystal Grid Themes
Add to the centre of a grid if you want to develop your psychic abilities.
Meaning of Name
Named after the Labradorite Peninsula in Canada, where it was found in 1770.
Crystal History
Labradorite was first discovered by Moravian Missionaries to North America in 1770.

However records show the Red Paint people of Maine first used Labradorite 1000 years ago.

Crystal Myths
A brave inuite warrior struck the stone with his spear and created the Northern Lights. Another legend suggested Labradorite fell from the fire of the Aurora Borealis.


From a distance Labradorite can look like a simple shiny stone. Then as you get closer it seems to shine brighter, with flecks of shimmer. Then as you mover closer still and move around the crystal, rainbow flashes appear. The magic of Labradorite is revealed as you look closely.

… and this is just how this beautiful crystal serves us. Labradorite helps us see the magic which is within. It highlights it to us and helps us cultivate it so we can show the world what makes us special.

Physical Properties
Labradorite has connections with aiding the following: Bronchitis, respiratory complaints, lungs, metabolism, colds, digestion, eyes, brain disorders, PMS, menstruation, warts, skin and hair parasites, gout, rheumatism, high blood pressure and pain relief.
Emotional Properties

Labradorite is a fantastic mental support. To do this it relieves stress and anxiety. It also supports brain health, giving us mental sharpness, and supporting a healthy connection between the right and left brain so we can receive inspired thoughts and better perfect our intuition.

In children it can calm anti-social and reckless behaviour.

It can also help us uncover subconscious and unconscious belief patterns that could be holding us back.

How to use Labradorite for emotional support:
Wear Labradorite if you worry what others think of you. In particular if you are starting on a new life path and don’t want to be affected by negative comments.

Labradorites ability to bring mental clarity means it is also a fantastic work aid. Consider gifting it to anyone working in scientific analysis or journalism as it can help them extract the relevant, true information.

Soul Properties
Mystics, healers, witches, wizards, priestesses and intuitives. If you feel a connection to these skills then wearing Labradorite will awaken your own untapped magical powers, including: clairvoyance. telepathy, astral travel, prophecy work, psychic readings, reading the Akashic Records, past life recall, communication with higher guides and spirits and coincidence control (which is becoming aware of and increasing serendipitous events).

The great lesson Labradorite teaches us is to stop looking to others for love and guidance and instead learn to understand we alone hold the answers to our happiness. Robert Simmons of the Book of Stones fame, phased it as: “…a true magician desires power only over himself or herself.”

The beautiful flashes of rainbow colours that run through Labradorite also suggest it is good for all the Chakras. In fact it can be used to balance the chakra and stabilize our aura when we are stressed or have gone through a trauma.

Extra Crystal Facts


Labradorite is an earthy looking stone, which shows practical, stable qualities. That means it will help you stand your ground if you find yourself in situations where you feel forced to take sides but you want to stay neutral.

Place Labradorite over your third eye, to work with the law of time. By this I mean it is said to have the ability to show us our past and future, as well as ourselves in other dimensions (cool right). It will also give us an understanding around the meaning of time and what it would be like to live without it.