How Can You Use a Certified Crystal Healing Qualification?

This is a natural question. You take a qualification so naturally that you’d like to know what it allows you to do – which doors will this qualification open for me?

I feel like I want to write a ‘long’ list of different things, because having that official qualification will give you the confidence, skills and knowledge to explore numerous areas of the industry. However I’ve streamlined my answer to emphasise the most useful points:

Setting up a business as an ‘Insured’ Crystal Healer

Yes the Crystal Healing industry is currently unregulated, so there are people out there setting up as Crystal Healers without possessing any foundational skills. Nevertheless, the facts are that you cannot get Insured without having your qualifications in place. Crystal Healing is a subtle therapy, kinder than most but there are people who should not be treated, there are codes of ethics to follow and industry guidelines to be aware of. Therefore choosing to practise without insurance is never a good idea and it limits what you can offer, here are some examples:

Offering group Healing Sessions

Once you are confident in your new skills I would highly recommend hosting group healing classes. This could involve your group laying down, relaxing as you lead them into a meditative or relaxed state. From there you can offer them crystals to hold or position crystals around them. That would be enough to facilitate a deep healing but you might go even deeper. The Crystal Mystery School CCH course also trains their students in Reiki 1 so they can offer that at the same time.

After years in the industry, classes are my favourite method of working. They allow me to offer a lower price so more people can receive the benefits of crystal healing. Most people come back regularly so it is also a beautiful way to create a community around your work.

In my experience, my 1:1 clients normally discovered me through these group classes. They experienced a group healing and now want the faster changes that a 1:1 session can offer.

But remember you need to be a CCH to offer group events. Venues will ask to see your insurance before they will allow you to use their space. Additionally, a course like the Crystal Mystery School CCH will guide you through what you need to be aware of when offering group healing. Even in a group we still have a duty of care to each individual attendee and need to look out for signs during the event that everyone is comfortable and enjoying it.

Offering Talks and Workshops

There must be one crystal for every possible topic and theme that you can think of. Therefore, it’s easy to put together courses and classes. From manifestation, to deep healing, crystal for the menopause, to crystals for children and pets, the options are endless.

You will also need your certificates and insurance documents when using venue space for talks and workshops. From my experience the first slide of any talk you offer should tell people about yourself, your personal passion for crystals and why you are qualified to give that talk. (Trust me, if you don’t tell them, they will ask you.)

This is another good source of income for any crystal Healer. Yes it’s nerve racking at first. I recommend slides or notes so you have prompts but I promise you, you will love it. When I run our ‘Beginners’ Courses, it’s a joy to see the smiles on people’s faces – you can literally watch them falling in love with crystals even more.

And – of course it’s yet another income stream for you and a way for people to get to know you, have their questions answered and to consider a 1:1 session.

Selling Crystals

This is probably the most obvious additional income scream that most CCH consider first. The retail aspect of the crystal industry grows each year so it is definitely a good option. 

It is also something you can manage within a treatment. Some practitioners ask their clients to pick a crystal as they arrive and to either hold it throughout or keep it near them. This gives the practitioner an idea of the energies that they need right now, but you will be surprised how often they wish to buy that crystal afterwards.

You have probably also seen Crystal Shops in your area selling crystals Live on Instagram, Facebook and Tik-Tok. Many businesses make their living on these sales alone. The most successful can offer lots of information on the crystals they are selling. This is all information a CCH will know and can share openly. Yes – you may need to prepare notes at first, but over time the more you talk about your available crystals the easier it becomes. What is more – unlike other retailers you will have the knowledge to suggest specific ways to work with each crystal and be able to advise your customers on the correct crystals for their current needs.

Creating Crystal Products

I’m sure that you have seen crystals appear in numerous products, from essential oil rollers to crystal candles and crystal elixirs to sprays. Yes there will be product guidance that you need to follow for each, but the knowledge and insights you gain when taking a CCH qualification will help you to understand the correct crystals to use and when. Also which ones can be paired together and which ones really shouldn’t..

Supporting the Wellbeing of your Friends and Family

Understanding crystal healing on a much deeper level will give you the confidence to support your friends, family and pets when they really need us. In those moments we can feel helpless, but becoming a certified practitioner will give you some valuable skills that you can offer.

It also means you can support your own health and wellbeing. You will know the tools you need for your own healings as well as the skills and techniques to manifest a more successful and abundant life. The scope of work available to a crystal healer is endless.

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