An introduction into crystals and the many ways we can work with them


Does this sound familiar? ↓

  • You are increasingly displaying crystals around your home or collecting more and more crystal jewellery.
  • The sight of a new crystal shop brings you so much joy.
  • You feel a calling to understand the world of crystals and why they are good for us. 
  • You are unsure as to whether you are using, storing and cleansing your crystals properly.
  • You want to explore crystal healing but don’t feel ready to become a certified practitioner just yet.

Course leader Gemma Petherbridge, has 19 years of experience working with crystals & has written three books on the subject. In this introductory course, she shares all the foundational information you need to first pick your ideal crystal and then understand where to display it and how to work with it, to maximise their impact.


‘I love Gemma’s workshops! I have attended many over the last year or so and am always left with lots of new knowledge and reflections to think about afterwards.

Gemma’s classes are always inclusive and have a real sense of community. I have made some true friends through Gemma’s workshops, for that I will be forever grateful.’


The course was well organised and Gemma was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Guiding us through what makes a mineral, how to identify crystals, their history, and their uses. Onto how to choose them, their meanings, the chakras, and how crystals relate to the elements.

Throughout Gemma offers lengthy Q&A sessions, where she makes sure to answer everyone’s questions.

This was a jam packed course that really was a joy to take and left me feeling knowledgeable and confident to begin my journey with crystals. I can’t recommend highly enough!!


I’ve always been attracted to crystals as a child but got seriously into collecting them during the pandemic. It was mostly for their beauty until…I met Gemma (Petherbridge) through Instagram. It was Gemma who opened the window for me, into the esoteric and spiritual aspects of crystals.

I attended her Crystal Masterclass out of curiosity and haven’t looked back since. She shares her love & knowledge of crystals with the kindness and openness of a good friend.


Take your crystal knowledge to the next level in just one month.

“Gemma’s clear concise explanation of both the science and ancient knowledge of crystal healing, has seen many people transition from novice to expert in a very short amount of time. We welcome you to enrol and see how important this ancient knowledge still is.”

Many people feel a connection to crystals but they don’t know why. In this course those reasons will become clear.

Our Foundation course is designed to invite all those exploring their passion for crystals to develop it further. Together we will explore why you have a natural attraction to specific stones, what that means and how you can work with them to increase your enjoyment, while also supporting your emotional and physical body at the same time.

By the end of this course you will know:

  1. Why crystals are good for us.
  2. The science behind crystal healing.
  3. The different ways to pick a crystal and the best way to make sure your choice is perfect for you.
  4. What the different colours of a crystal mean.
  5. What the different shapes mean and how to work with them.
  6. What the Energy Body is.
  7. Why the Chakras are so important.
  8. You will experience different healing techniques that specifically support the body, mind and soul.
  9. Learn how to Program a crystal.
  10. Understand how to look after your crystals.
  11. Learn the different ways to cleanse them and when to do it.
  12. Explore what is meant by ‘charging a crystal’ and when you should do it.
  13. Understand where to display your new crystals.

Plus you will have the chance to experience many different crystal healing techniques and join a growing Crystal Community.

This course is accredited by The Complimentary Medical Association (CMA).


Each week pre-corded video content is released for you to enjoy:

Themes covered:

  1. Crystal History 101
  2. Crystal Geology 101
  3. Crystal Science 101
  4. Crystal Properties
  5. Crystal Healing
  6. The Energy Body
  7. Working with Crystals 
  8. Collecting Crystals
  9. Connecting to Crystals

In week’s one and two we explore the basics of crystals and crystal healing.

BONUS: In weeks one, three and five you are also invited to join our Live Online Workshops.

Week One: Live Workshop: The Perfect Crystals for You- The Crystal Plan Live with Q&A – To celebrate the start of the course, Gemma will host an online Zoom class showing you how to pick the right crystals for your current needs. There is a Q&A session after all three live workshops allowing you the chance to have all your questions answered by Gemma.

Week Three: Live Workshop: Crystal Healing Chakra Balance Experience with Q&A – Enjoy an online group Crystal Healing session and learn how to support your physical and emotional body with crystals and the Chakras.

In weeks three and four we advance your knowledge further.

You will be offered further insights and advanced information that could act as a stepping stone for those wishing to take our Crystal Practitioners qualification in the future (optional).

Week Five: Live Workshop: Crystal Grids with Q&A – We finish the course by learning how to design and create Crystal Grids. This is also your chance to ask Gemma any final questions you may have.

Take this opportunity to clarify your current crystal insights and build on your crystal wisdoms.

    Will I get a qualification with this course"?

    This is a foundational course only. Although you will receive a certificate of attendance it will not qualify you to become a crystal healer. However it is a good gateway course into our Certified Crystal Healing Professional Qualification that we run two times a year.

    Join the waitlist for the CCH course here.

    Who is the workshop for?

    Whether you have never bought a crystal before or you have a room full of them, this workshop will help take your knowledge to the next level. You do not need any previous experience working with crystals, all you need to know is that you’re drawn to them, and you would like to learn more.

    Is there required reading?

    No – all the information you need will be offered in the course videos.

    Do I need anything?

    All handouts and worksheets are provided as PDF Handouts. However you might still want to keep a notebook and pen to hand.

    We also offer a crystal starter set with the course (this costs extra) but no crystals are required to complete the course.

    Do I have to attend all the lives?

    No – you are welcome to watch the replays and you can submit your questions in advance.

    What are the course dates?

    Start Date/Week One: Mon 15th April – although you get access to the welcome content as soon as you pay, we don’t officially start until the 15th April.

    Thurs 18th April – 7 to 9pm GMT: Live ClassYour Perfect Crystals – Your Crystal Plan Live Workshop, with Q&A

    Week Two: Mon 22nd April

    Week Three: Mon 29th April 

    Thurs 2nd May 7.30 to 9.30pm GMT – Crystal Healing Chakra Balance Experience Workshop, with Q&A

    Week Four: Mon 6th May

    Week Five: Mon 13th May

    Thurs 16th May 7 to 9pm GMT  –  Crystal Grids Workshop, with Q&A

    Do you offer payment plans?

    Yes you can pay in two installments: Two payments: £121 per month

    Note this option incurs a £10 admin fee per month.

    Note: At checkout you will also have the options to pay with: ClearPay, Klarna and Paypal Pay in 3

    Can I get in touch with someone?

    Of course! If you have any questions about this course then please email Gemma at

    What if something happens and I cannot attend the course?

    You have lifetime access to the course content so you can come back to it at any time.

    What is your refund policy?

    Once you pay for the course you receive instant access. Therefore refunds are not available. 

    Are the Live Classes recorded?

    Yes, video replays will be uploaded within 48 hours of the live classes.