Are you ready to become one of the most qualified crystal practitioners in the world? 



Does this sound like you?


  • You’re drawn to crystals and their healing powers.
  • You’re surrounded by a growing crystal collection.
  • Crystals have helped you immeasurably and now you want to share that with your loved ones and maybe even paying clients.
  • You want to take your passion for crystals even further and learn how you can use them as energy tools.
  • You want to escape the working life you currently have, find true happiness in your career and even have more control over your income.
  • You want to feel empowered in your work and know that you are helping others.

You know that it is time to make a change in your career…

But you are unsure where to start. You want to dive even further into crystal knowledge and practises, but you want it to be legitimate and accredited.

There are many crystal workshops and courses out there but you aren’t sure who is the best person to guide you on this journey…

How would your life feel if after 13 weeks of this crystal practitioner course you could:

  • Be an accredited Crystal Healing Practitioner
  • Trust in your own knowledge and expertise
  • Set up your own crystal business with confidence and creativity
  • Have control of your own income and career
  • Trust your own intuition and overcome your self limiting beliefs
  • Help your loved ones and clients through crystal healing
  • Join a wonderful community of supportive and spiritual individuals that are going through this journey with you
  • Advance your intuitive and psychic skills to deepen your relationship with crystals and support the services that you offer your clients

Imagine being able to build your own Crystal healing business with purpose, intention and most of all – CONFIDENCE.


A 12 week Certified Crystal Healing (CCH) Practitioners Course



But what makes this course different to any of the others available?

This is a twelve week course, spread over thirteen weeks. It is so in depth you will be able to charge for your treatments after the fifth week. Meaning: you can earn as you learn.

Some of the content included is literally not included in any other crystal qualification. Which means you can offer a more impactful, holistic and rounded healing.

Our course leader Gemma is passionate about being available for all her students and feels the live teachings are key to enabling you to become the best of the best. Along with the classic pre-recorded content, there will be Live Zoom Teachings each week, followed by a Q&A. 

Throughout the course and learning, Gemma will support you in advancing your intuitive and psychic skills. This will deepen your relationship with the crystals and guide the service you will offer your clients. Gemma will show you multiple different techniques so if you don’t feel you are intuitive now do not worry. She will help you find your skill.

We believe that community is key in this industry and are excited to welcome you to a group of like-minded people. We will nurture these relationships by inviting you to a Facebook group, a Whatsapp message group and also facilitate you helping and working with each other in the live sessions.

You will also have access to our BONUS pieces of training on building a crystal business. These include a Social Media Bootcamp weekend and a Business Bootcamp weekend to give you the best foundations to turn this qualification into a career.

Additionally, we have over 5 guest speakers who are there to offer you a broad range of advice. From understanding the geology of crystals to finding a Wholesale supplier and sourcing crystals ethically to setting up your business and finding insurance.

In a nutshell…

  • Regular live classes as well as pre-recorded content and replays
  • You will learn to host group sessions as well as 1:1 crystal healing
  • Live Q&A sessions each week
  • Guest speakers who are specialists in their field
  • You will learn supporting topics – like intuitive Skills, Reiki 1 and Crystal Reiki
  • Many will leave being able to charge for their psychic skills as well!
  • Ongoing support after the course ends
  • Access to our Crystal Community
  • Whatsapp & Facebook group to nurture community
  • Opportunities to help and practise with your fellow students
  • Opportunity to purchase the Crystal Practitioner Kit through the post, to save time and money sourcing the crystals you will work with

AND the fact that this course is accredited and you will receive a certificate at the end means you will be valid for insurance.


We are accredited by The Complimentary Medical Association (CMA).


‘I love Gemma’s workshops! I have attended many over the last year or so and am always left with lots of new knowledge and reflections to ponder about afterwards.

Gemma’s classes are always inclusive and have a real sense of community. I have made some true friends through Gemma’s workshops, for that I will be forever grateful.’


The course was well organised and Gemma was extremely knowledgeable and friendly, guiding us from the what makes a mineral, how to identify crystals, to history of crystals and their uses, on to how to choose a crystal, colour meanings, explanations of chakras and how they relate to earth elements, how to interpret crystals, understanding what their shapes and forms mean as well as basics, how to care for your crystals and clean them.

Gemma always finishes with a lengthy Q&A session where she make sure to answer everyone’s questions. This was a jam packed course that really was a joy to take and left me feeling knowledgeable and confident to begin my journey with crystals. I can’t recommend highly enough!!


I’ve always been attracted to crystals as a child but got seriously into collecting them during the pandemic. It was mostly for their beauty until…I met Gemma (Petherbridge) through Instagram. It was Gemma who opened the window for me, into the esoteric and spiritual aspects of crystals.

I attended her Crystal Masterclass out of curiosity and haven’t looked back since. She shares her love & knowledge of crystals with the kindness and openness of a good friend.


Why take an accredited Crystal Healing Practitioner course?

Why you should take a CCH Course to become a Crystal Practitioner:

It’s a fact that you can say you’re a Crystal Healer without a qualification but no one is going to insure you without seeing your certificates – so although it’s an unregulated industry at the moment, this is a factor that you need to consider.

You may then ask if you need Insurance – and of course the answer is yes. No one likes spending out on things like this but it is a fundamental part of setting up a business in the holistic and alternative health industries.

It is commonplace that we need to be officially trained in the relevant knowledge first before we can charge for that service.
So why would someone start charging for Crystal Healing before having the relevant guidance and tuition from the right teacher?

Most people looking for the help of a CCH are going to look at the qualifications you have.

If you are like us, you’ll look at a practitioners ‘About Us page’ first, view their photo and then read a little about them. Even unconsciously we will be registering the kind of experience they possess.

We all naturally want someone with as much experience as possible and we live in a world where we grade that experience through the qualifications that we have received. Hence you will naturally receive more interest from potential customers if you have the relevant qualifications.

If you’re attending a reputable Crystal Healing School, they should be offering regular updates. This enables staying up to date with the relevant information to be relatively easy, rather than having to do this research yourself.

Taking a CCH to advance your personal interest in Crystals:

With anything esoteric, holistic or spiritual, there are often many unknowns. At the end of the day we are using crystals as energy tools to offer us support and healing. What is happening cannot be seen, so we regularly have to rely on our intuition to be sure that everything is working.

Attending a CCH Course allows you to share your experience and receive feedback, but also to hear what others witness. The latter helps us realise times when we might have missed intuitive messages coming our way. In my experience the affirmation that what people are experiencing is genuine, makes all the difference and cultivates a confident and open minded Crystal Practitioner whether you are taking the course for your own interest or looking to turn it into an income. 

Imagine being surrounded by people who love crystals as much as you do.

Hopefully your loved ones fully support your crystal passion and even show an interest in it, as well as encouraging you. However I know for many that this work can be frowned upon by others or seen as too ‘woo-woo.’

It is so important to have a peer group you can go to when trying to understand the energetic work you are doing, but this support can offer us so much more than that. Hopefully you will meet people who will become lifelong friends, can understand why you love crystals and wish to share that interest with you.

The final point is the most powerful. We hear the same stories all the time. There is something about crystals, they almost pick us, not the other way around.

Often when we make the decision to take a qualification in our passion, there is more going on. It’s like a calling from deep down, from our souls. A memory of ancient wisdom in our DNA – or from a Past Life when we last worked with crystals.

Many of us feel drawn to take our CCH qualifications for no other reason than ‘we have to’. If that is you we honestly believe that is the best reason to take the course  and if this is you, we’re excited for you as you are at the start of a very important journey – enjoy


By the end of this course you will:


  • Leave a confident and practised practitioner, with an in depth knowledge of crystals and the industry.
  • Leave with an official Crystal Practitioner Certification so that you can confidently perform crystal healing sessions to loved ones and paying clients.
  • Have the knowledge to start your own crystal business from the ground up, giving you more freedom in your life and career
  • Have lifetime access to our crystal community and receive ongoing support 
  • Have additional training in Reiki 1, Crystal Reiki, Intuition skills, pendulum work and oracle cards
  • Have worked on your own self limiting beliefs and be ready to embrace your passion and knowledge for crystals

“I don’t know if I have the confidence to be a practitioner!”

Many of the courses out there teach the theory but don’t give you the practical experience needed to confidently carry out a healing session. In the Crystal Mystery School we have designed a process that encourages regular practice with your peer group as well as your loved ones.

By the time you have finished the course you would have completed at least five practice sessions and taken a practical exam so the crystal healing process will be second nature to you.

Every Crystal Practitioner is unique and should be working with crystals and offering treatments that enhance their best skills. Throughout this course we will work with you, guiding you to create a unique Crystal Healing experience that suits you and the Crystal Healer you want to become.

Feel free to book in a free discovery call with Gemma to find out whether this course is the right option for you.



‘I have attended a number of Gemma’s online Crystal workshops, and I can’t express how amazing they are!

Gemma’s knowledge is exceptional and I’ve learned so much about crystals, their energies, and how to use them in my daily life. Although they were online, I always feel fully engaged and love the sense insight and calm at the end.

As a bonus, the sense of community within the workshops is simply wonderful. I highly recommend Gemma, her workshops and Conscience Crystals to anyone looking to explore the world of crystals – the live sales are blummin brilliant too!’


I recently attended a crystal healing workshop hosted by Gemma and thoroughly enjoyed it!

We learned about the energy of the month, which crystals are best to work with over the month, had mini Akashic Record readings which were fascinating and were led through a relaxing crystal healing meditation.

I absolutely love Gemma’s teaching style and personality – she is so knowledgable and warm and friendly! I will definitely be attending more of her workshops – I highly recommend!


‘I have attended several of Gemma’s workshops and have had some wonderful experiences that have helped further my journey into my spirituality and my own intuition.

Gemma’s guidance and teaching is by far some of the best I have experienced.’


This is a well-spaced-out course:

The Crystal Mystery School is a 12 week course.

As soon as you sign up you will get the first two week’s content sent to you right away. We suggest watching these videos as soon as possible. This will mean you know all the basic crystal knowledge before the course officially begins – so you are ahead of the game.

In March we have a break from Lives for one week and ask you to focus on your own self-discovery with crystals. This gives you time to play catch up on any work or videos you haven’t yet watched.

As the course draws to an end you can take your exam and submit your practical anytime in week 11 or 12. This is recommended if you want to officially qualify before the closing circle. However you do have an extra two weeks after we finish to complete any final submissions.

Passing Requirements:

  • 70% or higher pass rate on four quizzes – taken at the end of week 3, 6, 9 and 12.
  • Attendance: Each week we have Live Zoom Classes, you need to attend at least 6.


Let’s work out how much all of this is worth…

12 modules of in-depth training (Worth: £2210 )

12 hours of Q&A calls with Gemma (Worth: £1140)

Treatment demonstrations (Worth: £270)

Group Past Life Regression (Worth: £75 each )

BONUS: An introduction to Group events (Worth: £225 )

BONUS: Professional Intuition Training (Worth: £595 )

BONUS: Intuition as a tool – working with pendulums and oracle cards (Worth: £145 )

BONUS: Reiki level 1 (Worth: £175 )

BONUS: Crystal Reiki (Worth: £175 )

BONUS: Self Exploration: Including time for personal healing and Past Life Regression (Worth:£420)

BONUS: How to source Crystals (Worth: £111 )

BONUS: Starting a Crystal Business (Worth:222 )

BONUS: Crystal Business Bootcamp (Worth: £999)

BONUS: Social Media Bootcamp (Worth: £777 )

BONUS: Guest expert speakers hosting workshops on a range of relevant topics relating to crystals and business (Worth: £225)

Total value: £7764


You pay

£1212 paid in full



Payment plans available

A Little about your teacher, Gemma:

Gemma Petherbridge set out on her spiritual path as a small child, prophesizing in her dreams. Seeing spirits, naturally intuiting situations and gaining insight into the destinies of others came as second nature, and after losing her parents at a young age she turned to spirituality for answers. Her journey into the world of wellness and holistic therapies began in earnest when, aged twenty-one, she studied hypnotherapy.

Nineteen years on, Gemma is a certified Crystal Healer, Intuition Teacher and Akashic Records Reader. Having transitioned from healer to teacher, she has now taught and inspired thousands of people worldwide. In 2017 she founded Conscience Crystals Ltd, her online crystal shop. With her growing following, Gemma is now regularly asked to lead workshops and speak at holistic events and festivals, and major international businesses seek her guidance in incorporating crystals into office environments and products. She also hosts the Crystal Mystery School Podcast.

A self-confessed Spiritual Junkie…

Gemma has tons of experience gained through classes and Qualifications including:

  • Hypnotherapy – Diploma
  • Past Life Therapy & Spirit Releasing Therapy – Diploma
  • Theta Healing – Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper and DNA Basic Trainer
  • Dharma and Spiritual Coaching
  • Healing Lives, Achieving Dreams Workshop Leader
  • Heal Your Life Coach
  • Reiki – Levels 1 to Master
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) – Levels 1 and 2
  • Certified Crystal Healer
  • Systematic Kinesiology – Foundation
  • Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours
  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours
  • Breathwork Teacher Training
  • Colour Mirrors Practitioner
  • Cacao Ceremony Training
  • BA (Hons) – Tourism Management

Gemma is also a three time published author.

Who Gemma Has Worked With

This is for you if:

  • You want to embrace your passion for crystals and deepen your knowledge
  • You’re ready to build a business that suits you and your needs as well as helps others
  • You are ready to put in the work and meet the requirements to pass the qualification
  • You’re yearning for something new and more spiritual to help you lead a happier life

This isn’t for you if:

  • You can’t make it to at least 10 out of the 12 live sessions
  • You aren’t interested in learning more about holistic healing
  • You don’t have the time or energy to meet the passing requirements
  • You aren’t serious about learning about crystals and their healing qualities
  • You only like crystals as a decoration

Now is the time…


You’ve made it this far. You owe it to yourself to answer these questions…

What if even just one module in The Crystal Mystery School changes your life for good?

What if just one teaching in The Crystal Mystery School allows you to reach and help hundreds of people?

What if being able to trust your intuition and self-belief enables you to change your life and career completely?


Over time more and more people are opening up to the idea that we are more than our physical body – and if we look after and care for our energy body, that quickly filters down and helps our physical body as well.

The number of people becoming aware of this is growing exponentially each year, meaning your client base will be growing and growing.


Do I have to attend the Lives each week?

Even though you will benefit from attending all Live classes, you only have to attend 9 of the 12 Lives.

Are there payment plans?

To secure your spot the nonrefundable deposit must first be paid in full.

Our Checkout offers the following payment plan options: Klarna, Paypal Pay in Three and ClearPay available at the checkout.

We also have our own Payment plan options but please note as they create extra admin, the final total will be slightly more.

Can I opt for a Longer Payment plan?

Please contact us on to discuss longer payment plans. It is important to note that you will not qualify until you have paid in full.

I have my Reiki Qualifications, do I need to do the Crystal Reiki course?

Please try and attend live as Crystal Reiki will include extra skills not included in a standard Level One. If you feel you have the relevant qualifications or cannot attend the weekend live we will ask you to complete a short exam to make sure you know the content or have watched the classes on replay.

Do I really need to take a Crystal Qualification?

The Crystal Healing processes are an instinctive and intuitive skill but there are also important steps to follow. We need to respect energy tools and make sure we are using them correctly. Done incorrectly you might harm, rather than do good. That is why it’s important to take a qualification like this.

What is the final exam?

A majority of courses do not require any exams to qualify but we understand passing an exam adds to your confidence. The exam will comprise of ten multiple choice online question you can complete at a time to suite you – during weeks 11 and 12 or in the two weeks after the course ends. 

At the same time we will ask you to submit a video of you completing one treatment.

Can I take longer to qualify?

In our experience if we set deadlines people will stay within them. Guaranteeing that you qualify as soon as possible. Therefore we hold strict timeframes.

However if there are mitigating circumstances, as long as you have attended all required classes, if you need longer to complete the exam or practical we can agree a short extension.

What technology do I need?

You will need access to Zoom to attend the Live classes.

Please make sure you can also access a computer and the internet to complete the final exam and submit your practical assignment.

You will need to video you practical assignment.

Why is the deposit Nonrefundable?

A non refundable deposit of £300 is required to book on the course. This secures your spot. 

Once booked you can roll the deposit over to the next course start date once, but once you have accessed the content or your crystals have been dispatched (whichever happens first) you cannot have a refund.

What if something happens and I cannot finish the course?

For a stated admin fee you can join the next intake.

I understand attendance is part of the requirements for qualification. How much do I have to attend?

You need to attend a minimum of 9 of the 12 live weeks to qualify. Live classes take place on a Wednesday night.

Is there required reading?

Yes – we will request that you read the following:

  • The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ashsian
  • Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith
  • Crystal Plan by Gemma Petherbridge – Launches 14th March 2024
Are there any prerequisites?

No – only that you are drawn to crystals and want to learn more.

Do you offer a Scholarship?

We don’t at the moment but are considering offering this in the future. If you would like to be considered please email us at

Can I speak to someone?

Of course, please email us on to book a telephone or Zoom call.

I have a different question.

Please send all questions to: