aka pink kunzite

Divine Love

Made of A form of Spodumene, a Lithium, aluminium silicate.
Mohs hardness 6 to 7
Source Pakistan, Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar, California, Maine in the USA.
Colours Pinks, sometimes with white lines running through. Kunzite pink is normally pale, therefore darker tones are more valuable.
Element Water
Star sign Taurus, Scorpio and Leo
Chakras Heart




Kunzite is semi transparent. It also gives off the purest pink light in the gem word. Both of these factors heavily impact the metaphysical properties it offers.

It’s transparency means it’s healing energy is better focused on our energy body and the spiritual aspects of our being. It’s pure pink light makes it a significant crystal for the heart chakra. This high frequency crystal radiates divine love. This energy guides us through the lessons of the heart which we need to learn here on earth. It helps us find our perfect partner and then create a safe space for both people to grow together as a unit.

Interesting fact: When you see striations running through the length of a crystal (like you do on Kunzite), it indicates energy is running through the crystal at a faster rate. This in turn means if you are using Kunzite for healing, the process will be much faster. I know this sounds a really useful property but do remember it does mean things can change in your life much faster than you may expect.


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Kunzite is also believed to support us through a breakdown of a friendship.


If you find it hard to communicate how you feel in a way which will not upset others, keep Kunzite with you when having those conversations. With such a powerful heart connection it can help you speak your truth in a way others can take on board without them being upset. This is because the heart always knows the best way forward.


apophyllite other uses

physical properties

how it helps PHYSICAL health:

Like other heart chakra crystals, Kunzite also supports the organs in that area of the body so it is useful at aiding the heart, the circulatory system and blood pressure, as well as other organs nearby, like the lungs. It also supports female sexulaity.

However, please remember that transparent crystals are better at emotional and spiritual support so if you need specific help in these areas, I would suggest looking for a denser green or pink crystal as they are better for physical ailments.

How to use for physical support:

Kunzite is the perfect gift for a young girl entering puberty because it teaches them to learn to love their changing body.

emotional properties

how it helps emotional health:

This crystal is full of loving kindness and wants to help people who are struggling with a life change.

Many children these days feel they don’t fit in, the world does not feel a welcoming place and they feel home maybe somewhere else (I know I did/still feel this way). That is because many more light beings are being born now to support earth’s evolution so if you feel you are an Indigo, Rainbow, Star Child or even a Walk-In, Kunzite will bring you peace and help you understand your place in the world.

Kunzite is also good at supporting new Mums (human and animal) who are finding the transition into motherhood harder than they expected. If bonding with your baby is not coming naturally to you, Kunzite could help open your heart to this new experience.

soul properties

how it heLps our spiritual wellbeing:

Think Heart Chakra when you think Kunzite. Then think about all the things that chakra could be related to. Kunzite is related to them and comes from a place of ancient wisdom and understanding of each of those issues. This is because Kunzite is one of the highest heart chakra crystals you can find.

It’s main role is to show us the wisdom of the heart by bringing lessons into our lives which help us evolve and become a more compassionate, insightful being.

The heart chakra is the central chakra. It is believed that we are born with the focus of opening the first three chakras. Once this is done, the heart chakra opens and through that we have access to the upper three chakras.

A healthy heart chakra can radiate love and light to all the other chakras, aiding their wellbeing. This shows just how significant this central chakra is. Therefore as Kunzite is such a high vibe heart chakra crystal it can radiate positive emotions throughout the body, leaving us feeling open, clear, secure, strong, vibrant, radiant, balanced and loved.

How to use for soul support:

Hold a Kunzite stone in your left hand when meditating to receive wisdom and guidance for matters of the heart. Hold it in your right hand if you’re doing a loving kindness meditation and you want to send love out into the world.

You could also place it by your gratitude journal to make a more powerful practice.

With its connection to divine love, Kunzite would be the perfect gift to a bride on her wedding day as it will bring forth the wisdom of other women who have gone through this sacred ritual before her. They in turn can support her as she enters this new chapter of her life.



cleansing methods

White light, sound bath, full moon, water

crystal elixir guidelines

Contains aluminium, therefore use non-direct method

crystal grid themes

Divine Love, world peace, compassion and gratitude.

name meaning

Named in 1902 after the New York Jewellery and Gem stone Specialist, George Frederick Kunz, who catalogued and described it.