golden healer

Divine Integration, Healing, Christ Consciousness

Made of Quartz (silicon dioxide) with iron oxide (Hematite) deposits, which give the yellow tones.
Mohs hardness 7
Source Arkansas, USA (current preferred specimens), Brazil and Madagascar
Colours Yellow tones, with the white and transparency of Clear Quartz.
Element Earth and Fire
Star sign Pisces
Chakras All seven





Having the word ‘gold’ in its title, really sums up the importance of this crystal. It is believed to hold golden light which can heal all levels of the body, mind and soul connection.

Apophyllite can be found in several forms and for me those also give off specific traits. The cubic structure gives a masculine energy of stability and rigidity. 

They are a reliable force which cannot be moved. While Apophyllite pyramids represent the trinity. This implies all dualities (male and female, hot and cold, black and white etc) always have a middle (the third option). That means these pyramids can be used to search for common ground, or the fair mid-point.


Conscience Crystals Gems


Golden Healer is connected to the energy and properties of the sun.

gemmas channelled message

“Truth can be hard. Lessons harder.

Life was created for us to learn. Progress through life with a golden band of light around you, and you will feel the support you need, the love of all. You can enjoy the hard lessons, and understand why they are necessary, but to do that, connection to a higher source is needed.”


golden healer other uses

physical properties

how it helps PHYSICAL health:

The golden frequency of golden healer allows for an extremely deep healing. In all the books I have read about this stone, the authors all pinpoint this crystal as an extremely powerful healer, no matter the ailment you are seeking to support.


In particular, it has a strong connection to the heart chakra and that area of the body. Making it particularly good at aiding ailments relating to the heart, lungs and respiratory system.

With the inclusion of iron in its formation, this symbolically strengthens the body

emotional properties

how it helps emotional health:

This crystal focuses on divine healing, allowing for profound changes. Therefore it has the ability to really support any and all emotional upsets. The golden light of this crystal will mean you feel highly supported through the process.

It’s yellow tones give it a connection to the solar plexus, which means having this crystal with you will welcome more joy and happiness into your life.

How to use for emotional support:

Personally, I wear Golden Healer when I feel I need emotional support and guidance.

soul properties

how it heLps our spiritual wellbeing:

This is definitely a soul level crystal. Even when supporting our physical body and emotions, it is doing so at a soul level.

 This crystal will come into your life when you’re ready to take on the big spiritual lessons. It is here to help expand our consciousness. The Book of Stones says it does this by:

  1. Letting us experience and become aware of the golden rays of spiritual light
  2. Guiding us through self healing 
  3. Connecting us to the Christ Consciousness

Interestingly, the connection to Christ consciousness does not simply mean having a connection to the physical being that was Jesus, instead it also means recognising those properties in yourself.

 Golden Healer has some significant roles to play here on earth. Its purpose is to help heal the world and remind humans that our destiny is entwined with that of our planet. Teaching us how important it is to treat mother earth with the divine importance she deserves.


HOW TO USE YOUR golden healer

cleansing methods

Place near Clear Quartz, water, full moon, bury in the earth

crystal elixir guidelines

Direct method – use for full healing; body, mind and soul

crystal grid themes

Healing the body, mind and soul, connection to Mother Earth, connecting humanity to the planet.

crystal history

This crystal is a recent find. First found in the 1980s Arkansas, USA.

crystal myths

It is believed the Lemurians used Golden Healer to balance the energies of the divine masculine and feminine.