blue lace agate

Communication & Clarity

Made of Oxide Cryptocrystalline Quartz
Mohs hardness 7
Source South Africa and Romania
Colours Pale Blue (sometimes darker), with white or brown threads (lace)
Element Water
Star sign Aquarius & Pisces
Chakras Throat mainly, also heart and crown





Blue Lace Agate can be clearly identified as a sedimentary rock because of the layers of different sediment we can see running through it. These appear as different tones of blue and white and give the crystal its name.

These layers are formed over time via great pressure being applied. The thinner the layer, the longer the pressure has been applied. When identifying a crystal’s properties we would identify sedimentary rocks as being good at dealing with pressure over a long period of time. It also means they heal slower than some other crystals.

The blue tones of Blue Lace Agate also suggest its connection to the throat chakra and therefore its support in all areas relating to communication. In fact, Blue Lace Agate is one of the best stones to support this chakra (it’s a necessity in my Chakra Crystal therapy Kit).

Finally, it’s blue tones and connection to the water elements, also give this crystal the properties of cooling and calming the body. That translates into helping reduce inflammation, calm nerves and even support arthritic conditions.


Conscience Crystals Gems
Large Blue Lace Agate Tumblestone

helps those who help others

Blue Lace Agate ‘helps those who help others’, so it’s the perfect gift for those working with the disabled, sick and elderly.


Place a specimen by the photos of a loved one who is in the armed forces and it will help keep them safe.

speak frOm the heart

Place a large specimen in the centre of a boardroom table to make sure people are encouraged to speak truthfully and from the heart.

calm the noise

If you have a noisy house, add some Blue Lace Agate to different areas of the home. It will calm down people (and pets) and reduce the noise (even from the TV).


blue lace agate other uses

physical properties

how it helps PHYSICAL health:

– Areas in and around the Throat Chakra (the eyes down to the shoulders).
– Ways to cool and calm the body.

For point one, this means Blue Lace Agate can help support: eyesight, tension headache, throat and mouth issues, stammering and issues affecting the thyroid.

The cool, calming aspects can do things like: reduce infection, relieve skin allergies, stabilize blood pressure, relieve a trapped nerve and reduce anxieties.

How to use for physical support:

If the issue you would like help with is around the area of the throat chakra, I personally believe the best thing to do would be to wear a necklace which lies as close to the throat as is possible. This will support and balance that chakra, which then helps ailments in that area.

If the ailment is not directly related to that area try making a crystal elixir with the stone and sipping it throughout the day. (see crystal elixir guidelines)

emotional properties

how it helps emotional health:

Blue Lace Agate is a great emotional support as its cooling colour tones and connection to the water elements helps to calm our nerves and reduce any stress in our life. Children are particularly susceptible to crystal energy, so if you give them a small palm stone to hold when they are having a tantrum, it will help focus their thoughts and calm them down.

The main trait of blue lace agate is to improve communication skills. This means you will find Blue Lace Agate won’t just calm a child, but from that more settled place, they can then communicate what had upset them much better.

For adults, this crystal gives us the confidence to speak our needs. It is particularly good for people who do public speaking, as well as those who teach.

How to use for emotional support:

Wear a Blue Lace Agate necklace when doing public speaking.

soul properties

how it heLps our spiritual wellbeing:

The famous crystal author, Melody, explains that Blue Lace Agate ‘contains the qualities of flight, air, movement and grace’. This stone is believed to have an angelic energy to it, which sounds similar to her explanation.

With its connection to communication, this crystal is also good at teaching us ‘our words create our reality’ and therefore we should be mindful to stay as positive as we can, so we welcome only positive experiences into our lives.

One practice that can help is writing and saying ‘affirmations’. This is a positive statement about a current event or a future experience you want to bring into your life.

For example, you may be looking to change careers to something more enjoyable and fulfilling. The affirmation you may want to use would be something like: “I welcome my new career into my life and know it will be fulfilling and give me great joy.”

Keep Blue Lace Agate with you when you are creating and saying these affirmations, as its ability to communicate well will add extra power to your wishes.

How to use for soul support:

Keep them with you when you’re writing affirmations. Then store your new affirmations next to your crystal.


HOW TO USE YOUR blue lace agate

cleansing methods

White light, sound bath, full moon, water

crystal elixir guidelines

Improves communication

crystal grid themes

Place a written affirmation in the centre of a Blue Lace Agate crystal grid to add more power to the affirmation. You can even say the affirmation as you activate the grid.

crystal myths

In Pre Christian Scandinavia and Denmark, Blue Lace Agate was dedicated to Nerthus (the Mother Earth).