Grounding, Connecting to Gaia, Earth Star Chakra

Made of: Calcium carbonate, calcite and vaterite
Mohs hardness: 3.5-4
Source: Sputnik shapes: Morocco. Blue from China. Other locations: Italy, Greece, Austria, England, Czech Republic, Mexico, Peru, Pakistan, USA and Nambia.
Colours: White, grey, reddish brown, yellow, green and blue
Element: Storm
Star sign: Capricorn
Chakras: All, plus Gemma believes the Earth Star Chakra



A powerful grounding crystal, Aragonite is often used in crystal healing to help connect people to mother earth. Holding it in a healing session, will help dissolve and dispel old programming hidden in our subconscious mind.

Aragonite has a deep, powerful connection with the earth and works to harmonise the pressures on our planet.


Conscience Crystals Gems

release blockages

Place an Aragonite on each chakra point in turn and it will help release any blockages in that chakra.

heal many

The Sputnik Shaped Aragonite crystals are perfect for healing a group or community of people because the different points can direct energy in many different directions at the same time.


If you use this crystal during meditation it can give you flashes from past lives and forgotten memories.

gemmas channeled message

I ground you to remind you, the most important thing is under your feet. Look after the Earth. She is everything.


aragonite other uses

physical properties

how it helps PHYSICAL health:

Apophyllite’s main physical trait is in helping us make the connection between our physical and spiritual body. This is crucial in human development as it allows us to grow and understand our place in the world. It helps us identify our life goals and find true happiness.

How to use for physical support:

Place Aragonite under your pillow for a good night’s sleep.

emotional properties

how it helps emotional health:

This crystal is an expert at releasing old emotions that are trapped in the body. In particular it can bring to the surface events and programming hidden in our subconscious mind. Once they are brought to the surface, we have the chance to understand them, resolve, and release them.

This grounding, strong crystal also gives us the extra strength and confidence we may otherwise be lacking.

Hint: Because Aragonite is so good at releasing trapped emotions, it will need cleansing more often than other crystals.

soul properties

how it heLps our spiritual wellbeing:

Spiritually, Aragonite brings to your awareness the areas in your life that need focus. It shows you where your imbalances are and the ways you can heal those areas..


HOW TO USE YOUR aragonite

cleansing methods

White light, sound bowls, full moon

crystal elixir guidelines

Use non-direct method only.

crystal grid themes

Connecting to the earth, sending it healing