Spiritual Awakening, Connection

Made of: Hydrated Potassium Calcium Silicate Mineral
Formations: Cubic, granular masses, natural pyramids and druses attached to other mineral specimens.
Mohs hardness: 5
Source: Manly Pune and Nasil in India, as well as Italy, Germany, Iceland, Greenland, Brazil and Canada
Colours: Green, white, grey and transparent/colourless
Element Wind (Green Apophyllite is also connected to the earth element.)
Star sign Libra and Gemini
Chakras Third eye and crown (Green Apophyllite is also connected to the heart chakra.)



When I look at Apophyllite I see a spiritual connection in it’s form and colouring. It’s tonal changes from transparent to opaque show it’s connection between the physical and spiritual realm. It is common to find inclusions of Stilbite within a specimen. Stilbite gives off a loving energy so when present, it aids an extra caring vibe to the crystal specimen.

Apophyllite can be found in several forms and for me those also give off specific traits. The cubic structure gives a masculine energy of stability and rigidity. They are a reliable force which cannot be moved. While Apophyllite pyramids represent the trinity. This implies all dualities (male and female, hot and cold, black and white etc) always have a middle (the third option). That means these pyramids can be used to search for common ground, or the fair mid-point.


Conscience Crystals Gems

astral travel

Apophyllite is said to be useful when conducting Astral Travel as it keeps you connected to your physical body. Keeping this connection with the physical world means it is also good at helping us remember the experience and any lessons we have learnt from it.


Apophyllite can be used to charge other objects.


Apophyllite can cleanse other crystals so it is good as an accessory in the home, which you can place your crystal jewellery over so they are being cleansed between uses.


This crystal can also preserve things. In particular food.

Calm + heal

Horse whisperers use this crystal because horses find it to be a calming and healing stone.


apophyllite other uses

physical properties

how it helps PHYSICAL health:

Apophyllite’s main physical trait is in helping us make the connection between our physical and spiritual body. This is crucial in human development as it allows us to grow and understand our place in the world. It helps us identify our life goals and find true happiness.

How to use for physical support:

Interestingly, in my research I found that it is believed you can clear and refresh your eyes by placing an apophyllite pyramid on each eye for a few minutes a day (base touching the area around the eye – point facing away from the face).

This connection should also help us find happiness within, reducing self loathing and the physical or emotional complaints that can arise from this.

Apophyllite is also believed to help with the following: asthma, cystic fibrosis, hay fever, emphysema, skin problems (eczema) and regulation of the heartbeat.

emotional properties

how it helps emotional health:

Apophyllite is great at relieving current day stresses. It does this by relieving the symptoms of past trauma, in particular childhood trauma, as well as any history you have which you find hard to release. This makes it a fantastic crystal for emotional release work.

We have already explained how Apophyllite pyramids have a connection to the trinity and therefore like to search out the fare, mid-point. That means its energy attracts truthful words and fair analysis of an event.

Green Apophyllite has an additional connection to the heart chakra so it can also offer the extra fortitude needed to make any decisions related to the heart.

How to use for emotional support:

An Apophyllite pyramid would be a good gift for the office of a loved one whose work involves assessing data fairly and honestly; consider the law professionals, the financial industry, data collection and historical analysts.

If you have an area of your house which is used for relaxation and meditation, placing an Apophyllite specimen in the centre of the room will allow it to soak up any negative energies and daily stresses you may release as you relax. Do make sure you cleanse this crystal regularly as any crystal used to take on negative emotions needs to be given the chance to release them.

soul properties

how it heLps our spiritual wellbeing:

Apophyllite has an array of interesting properties. However its most significant gift is its ability to ‘Lift the Veil’ and help us start on our spiritual path.

It can do this in several ways, and how it does it will depend on our own personal needs. For example, it may welcome lessons into our life which we need to learn that will then start us down the spiritual path. Alternatively it can raise our vibrations to that of the higher dimensional beings or it can unblock a blocked crown chakra so light can enter our bodies and start our awakening.

Its ability to raise our energies and allow light in is why it is also called the ‘Reiki Crystal’.

In addition, green Apophyllite helps us connect with the spirits of nature.

How to use for soul support:

There is a long list of spiritual techniques you can try out with Apophyllite, here are some of them:

Place an Apophyllite pyramid on your third eye to take back the energy you have unknowingly given to others.

Apophyllite can be used in meditation to perfect the skill of focusing on the present moment.

As natural pyramids stimulate a connection with the spiritual world to facilitate channeling. Put an Apophyllite pyramid on your third eye for a few moments each day to advance that ability.

Look through the bottom of an Apophyllite pyramid to travel time and space and access the ‘stargate’.

Look sideways at an Apophyllite crystal to see your future.

Hold a colourless Apophyllite in the Sun, Moon or Candlelight to discover the identity of your guides and angels.


HOW TO USE YOUR apophyllite

cleansing methods

White light, sound bath, full moon, water

crystal elixir guidelines

Brings ‘light’ and energy into the body. use non-direct method only.

crystal grid themes

Connecting your physical and causal body. A green apophyllite grid can be used to send loving kindness to the natural world.

name meaning

From the Greek works ‘aop’ and ‘phyllon’, which means ‘it flakes off. Apophyllite was given its name due to its tendency to flake when heated (due to water loss).

did you know ?

Many Fire Walkers use Apophyllite as it helps them retain the meditative state after the walk. Plus it helps cool their feet and prevent any harm coming to them.