Advance your Crystal Knowledge with Gemma Petherbridge

FREE WORKSHOP: 31st January 7-8pm

Join leading Crystal expert Gemma Petherbridge for this free online session and explore how to advance your crystal knowledge and maybe even start a new career.

Crystals are tools for healing and advancing any goals you wish to achieve. With the correct knowledge they become so much more than display pieces. In this workshop we reveal this wisdom and help you explore how you can further advance your passion for crystals.

With hundreds of gemstones and crystals available to us and numerous ways to work with them, it can take years of study to gain the confidence to use them in the way that ancient cultures intuitively understood.

Are you ready to embark on a new journey, life and even career?

This workshop is a chance for you to explore all the possible ways that you can use crystals. Gemma will help you sample some of the most powerful techniques and explain how you can become qualified in multiple crystal modalities, so you are recognised as one of the most experienced and able Crystal Healing experts in the world. 

You can do this:

If you are passionate about crystals then a workshop exploring how you can further progress your crystal knowledge is going to inspire you, but at the same time we understand you might question your abilities. This is not unique to the Crystal industry. Anyone who wants to progress their knowledge will have those doubts, so this webinar will also acknowledge those worries and show you how to overcome them.


  • Clarity on all the conflicting crystal information out there.
  • A Course structure to grow your knowledge & skillset in a more strategic way.
  • Community & mentorship for support and to share their experiences.


  • The potential of crystals.
  • How crystals can be used as energy tools.
  • Crystal healing at it’s best.
  • Shadow work with black moonstone including a demo.
  • Exploring crystal layouts.

I have attended a number of Gemma’s online Crystal workshops, and I can’t express how amazing they are! Gemma’s knowledge is exceptional and I’ve learned so much about crystals, their energies, and how to use them in my daily life. Although they were online, I always feel full engaged and love the sense insight and calm at the end. As a bonus, the sense of community within the workshops is simply wonderful. I highly recommend Gemma, her workshops and Conscious Crystals to anyone looking to explore the world of crystals – the live sales are blummin brilliant too!

Emma Farmer

I recently attended a crystal healing workshop hosted by Gemma and thoroughly enjoyed it!

We learned about the energy of the month, which crystals are best to work with over the month, had mini Akashic Record readings which were fascinating and were led through a relaxing crystal healing meditation.

I absolutely love Gemma’s teaching style and personality – she is so knowledgable and warm and friendly! I will definitely be attending more of her workshops – I highly recommend!

Moon Onyx star

I have attended several of Gemma’s workshops and have had some wonderful experiences that have helped further my journey into my spirituality and my own intuition.

Gemma’s guidance and teaching is by far some of the best I have experienced.

Sarah Anne Brady

When we are learning something new, it is natural to question our abilities and this is understandable.

There is a lot to consider: 

  • Are we following the processes correctly?
  • Have we created the right setting for healing or manifesting to take place?
  • How do we know if the work we have done has worked?

This self-doubt can become overwhelming. When it does you might need support so you can learn the correct techniques, before understanding how you can personalise them to your own needs and even complement the other skills you have.

Learn to overcome your fears and make a difference in the world.

Crystal Business Owner, Author and Teacher Gemma Petherbridge undertook that journey into the ancient wisdoms. In total she has carried out the equivalent of a Professorship in crystal healing and other complimenting modalities. This has cost her almost one hundred thousand pounds and 20 years of study and training.  In this workshop she will show you how you can be trained to her level in just a few months and at a fraction of that cost.

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This workshop is designed to give you the confidence needed to use these energy tools successfully to support your own self development as well as your loved ones or even paid clients.

We invite you to sign up, join us and understand what potential crystals can offer you….