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Welcome. You’re currently exploring a website created from a pure passion for crystals and their unique ability to aid your spiritual development.

We love what we do with all our hearts and are proud of our achievements. If you want to read about our values, community support and how we strive to give back, please have a quick read of our Values. If you want to know more about our founder and what got us to this point, you’re in the right place.


Who We’ve Worked With

From Our Founder, Gemma Petherbridge

Conscience Crystals launched in 2017 by our Founder Gemma Petherbridge, who had previously offered Crystal Therapy for 13 years. Keep reading if you want to hear about the journey of Conscience Crystals in Gemma’s words.

First Crystal Memory:

One of the few memories I have of my Grandad is him showing me a Petrified Wood specimen he had purchased on a holiday years before. Once he gave it to me to look at, I walked around his house holding it for hours. Now I’d say ‘little me’ knew there was something super special about it, but at the time I just loved it’s shine.

If a crystal community member told me that story today I’d say it’s no coincidence a family elder gave me a crystal related to ancestral lineage and the family tree.

Crystal Beginnings:

I was brought up just outside Bath in the UK, so Glastonbury, the home of all things esoteric, and the Jurassic Coast with its crystal and Fossil shops were on my doorstep.

After going through several major events at a young age, I turned to self development and spirituality as a means of support and understanding. The day after I finished university I went straight into learning one of my first spiritual modalities, Hypnosis.

Once I’d started to learn more, my walks though Glastonbury seemed even more significant and special and my love for crystals really took root.

Magic, mystery, and New Beginnings

In 2016 I’d been running a successful six figure business with my husband for over seven years. It was going well and we were proud of where we had come but the hours were excessively long, I was burnt out and what was once my path was clearly not anymore.

The universe finally gave me the classic wake up call I’d now warn others about and after another long working day, I fell down the stairs, chipping my tailbone. Bedrest ensued, and although not anyone’s ideal situation, it’s particularly difficult if you’re a workaholic like me.

To entertain myself I started reading a crystal book, then two and then every book I could find. The gift of that situation was I had the time to really take in the teachings and understand what crystal authors never seem to tell us ‘The actual reasons why a crystal has its exact properties’.

Whilst recovering, the other change I went through was finally giving my intuition permission to take the reins. I’ve been highly intuitive all my life and listen to it’s advice sporadically, but now I was ready to say you take over, you guide me. How can I create a business that makes me happy, gives me a work-life balance and gives me joy. It’s answer was, start posting about crystals on Instagram each day and call the account Conscience Crystals (yes my intuition picked the name).

In that moment @Consciencecrystals was born. Every two weeks I would create a series of posts about a specific crystal, so I could talk about all the different aspects of it over those 10 posts. The reaction blew my mind. Our followers grow quickly, much faster than the social media for our old business and even better, those followers were asking for more.


Day One of Trading

A year later Drink, Shop & Do in London messaged me asking if I’d like to run Crystal events with them. My intuition said ‘Yes you would’ but my mind had all the fears that come with standing up and talking about your passion.

In reality the class went better than I could have ever imagined. Attendees left fully loving crystals and wanting to know why we didn’t have crystals available to purchase there and then. After several more events with the same questions at the end, we followed the hints and started sourcing crystals.

Now we run two live sales on @ConscienceCrystalsSales each month as well as our online crystal shop and in-person pop up shops.

Since day one, Conscience Crystals has grown, we have had the chance to work with some major international companies, teaching their staff how to use crystals in their products and private lives.

In 2020 my intuition then guided me to start the Podcast Modern Soul Speaks with my soul sister, Rachel Elizebeth. That then turned into the Soul Student Podcast. At the same time our events have moved online as well as in-person.


These days a major aspect of Conscience Crystals, the crystals we offer and or teaching, is to help people spiritual awakening and remember their ancient teachings.

If you are drawn to Conscience Crystals and crystals in general, chances are you are a Starseed and someone on their spiritual path. We are here to support and guide you as we all raise our consciousness and move from 3D to 5D. The Conscience Crystals team are very proud of our community and how supportive they are to each other. We welcome you to join them so you can come along for the ride with us all.


My Favourite Crystals

Rutilated Quartz Tumblestone

Rutilated Quartz

Manifesting Queen – What’s not to love, it’s simply beautiful!

Black Tourmaline

I have this crystal all over our home as a protection crytsal.

Golden Healer

A firm favourite. The one I currently keep with me all the time.



 Gemma Petherbridge

A self confessed Spiritual Junkie – Gemma has tons of experience gained through classes
and Qualifications including:

Hypnotherapy – Diploma

Past Life Therapy & Spirit Releasing Therapy – Diploma

Theta Healing – Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper and DNA Basic Trainer

Dharma and Spiritual Coaching

Healing Lives, Achieving Dreams Workshop Leader

Heal Your Life Coach

Reiki – Levels 1 to 3

Emotional Release Technique (EFT) – Levels 1 and 2


Certified Crystal Healer

Systematic Kinesiology – Foundation

Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hours

Breathwork Teacher Training

Colour Mirrors Practitioner

Cacao Ceremony Training


Other: BA (Hons) – Tourism Management